The Winding Path Slide Styles

proshow styles The Winding Path Proshow Slide Styles Pack displays your photos in a simple fluid motion sequence. Customize your show by adding in your own background theme. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find more background themes.

High Quality Slide Styles

Includes 15 Proshow slide styles for your photos and text captions. 15 unique slide styles for 1, 2, 3, and even 4 images at a time (plus text caption styles)! Loop the styles to increase the length of your show. There's enough variety to make a beautiful show just from these photo styles. Fully compatible with Proshow Producer 4 and above.

Compatible with aspect ratios of4x3 aspect ratio16x9 aspect ratio

Here's a just a few slide style example images. Check out the demo video for more!

Proshow Style Single Image Text Style Multi Photo Style
Multi Photo Style

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Creative Commons Free Content Used in the Video Demo

Download the water splash background from flickr
Download a wood background from flickr
Download a dirt background from flickr
Download a sky background from flickr
More free textures:

Video Music
Entitled "Brightness" found at: Music