PhotoStyles Pack 2

proshow stylepack Even better than before, the PhotoStyles Pack 2 adds another 13 new creative Proshow Producer slide styles for your photos. This pack is more sophisticated than the previous pack and features skillfully designed photo styles with a variety of awesome effects to make your photos shine even more. Slide styles are compatible with Proshow Producer version 4+. View the demo video below on the right side panel.

13 High Quality Slide Styles

The PhotoStyles Pack 2 adds 13 slide styles for Proshow Producer. Just a simple click away to make your photos shine even more.

Compatible with aspect ratios of4x3 aspect ratio16x9 aspect ratio

Here's a just a few slide style example images. Check out the demo video for more!


Brief Description

Includes a brief tutorial to get you started. These slide styles are rather sophisticated, and even put some of my other styles to shame. They include a multitude of modifiers and masking layers. Sources of creative inspiration were derived from Flixtime and Animoto. So now you can have some awesome slide styles without paying all those expensive fees. Plus you'll have full creative control over your own project.