Royalty Free Media

Royalty Free Media

The main idea of this page is to provide you with a listing of sites that offer content without you having to fork over your money. You can then use said content in your videos, without emptying your wallet, and more importantly, avoiding the issues of copyright infringement.

This page reviews a list of various music, video, and photo sites - all of which are royalty free. I've personally visited and/or used each of the listed sites. All links include personal commentary or a note about their usage license. My hope is that you will find these useful and that they will increase your creativity as you design your video presentations.


These few sites allow commercial usage of their music under a Creative Commons license. If you find a good song, under a CC-BY-SA or CC-BY you can use it in a video slideshow and then sell said slideshow for profit. For a more in depth look on how to use a Creative Commons License in your videos, please read this article.
All Creative Commons music. Suitable for personal or commercial usage. I sometimes use music from here for video demos. I mainly use the CC-BY-SA license. It's terms are reasonable.
A really nice selection of songs. Mostly vocals, some good gem instrumental songs. All licensed under the CC-BY-SA license, which can be used commercially. I also use these in video demos.
Offers a bunch of collaborated music tracks under a CC license. Use the search function to narrow down specific genres, instruments, and license types. Try this link for commercial usage songs. These all say 'cc by' next to the song, which is the license type.
Another site that offers a bunch of collaborated music tracks under a CC license. Use the search function to narrow down specific genres, instruments, and license types.
A great collection of sound effects for your project. All licensed for commercial usage, just need an attribution of the original author.

Pretty famous site I guess, music is utilized all over YouTube.
I actually used one of these songs for my closing jingle at the end of my stylepack videos. The musicians here have some decent music. Music is under a CC BY license - meaning attribution is all that is required.

I am certain there are others that I haven't mentioned. Do you have a good site to suggest? Send me an email - and I may post it.


Free video that is royalty-free and also high quality is a bit harder to find. Here's just a few I've come across worth mentioning.
Do a search for Creative Commons photos or videos inside the advanced search. For videos, to download the file, just copy the url link and paste it to this site, which helps you download the video.
Each week an HD video offered as a free download. Sometimes they're worth downloading, sometimes not so much. You'll need to register an account.
There' about 10 free background videos here.
This is provided by the Footage Firm. Free video clips of various types.

A Creative Commons BY 3.0 Movie
Just a short video demo of the power of Blender.


The goal of listing these links is to provide sites that allow some sort of commercial usage of their photos. Sites that did not allow any type commercial usage were not included. In other words, for most of these sites, you could use the images in your video and sell said video for profit and it would be perfectly legal.
How could we forget Flickr? There's some really nice professional shots out there. Do a search for Creative Commons photos or videos inside the advanced search. For videos, to download the file, just copy the url link and paste it to this site, which helps you download the video.
A great site stuffed with spectacular icons! These icons are used on many sites, including this one. I mainly focus on the GPL/public domain licensed icons, rather than creative commons, because attributing the creator is just more work. Another similar site is

If you have a website or blog, why not add some shine with a few beautiful icons?
The website photographer may be confused on his licensing terms. Half of his current collection used to be listed as public domain, but now he's updated his terms to be more restricting.
The site used to say "By the owner and the author, I have explicitly placed [insert photo name] in the public domain. If you do use [insert photo name] picture and desktop wallpapers, please consider giving credit or linking back to the site. This isnt required, but its a very good way to support the site efforts here. Just something like, "Photo courtesy"."

Remember this - Once in the public domain, always in the public domain. There's no turning back, or is there!?
Anyways, the new terms are reasonable - very similar to creative commons, with a few added twists.
His older site still apparently offers a few thousand under public domain. Here's more info on public domain material.
How could you not like this site? All photos in the public domain. That means your free to do anything! It says some of the people photos do not have model releases.
This site also offers a large variety of photos in high quality resolutions. The terms are fairly flexible, but have some limits on commercial usage. Still an excellent resource.
This site is the spin-off of sxc. A while back, Getty Images took over sxc, which irritated off a lot of the contributing photographers. In response, they built a new site, without risking potential interferences from the big boys at Getty.
Free photos. You can use it for both personal and commercial projects BUT you must not use it for abuse. You may not redistribute it too. All photos remain in ownership of photovaco or the Contributor.
*you CAN modify our images and textures in any way you see fit *you CAN use our images and textures in your own work, whether it be for personal or commercial use *you CAN redistribute or sell our images and textures ALTERED OR UNALTERED as part of printed work (e.g. posters, cd-covers, postcards etc)
The photographers are offering these images and illustrations to the public, to use them for most of the commercial and personal purposes, free of charge and without requiring any retribution. The images do not have a model release so please be careful when using the images featuring products, trademark, people, works of art and propriety in commercial purposes or to endorse products or services.
Bunch of textures out in the public domain
All photo images downloaded from provide a non-exclusive, free, non-transferrable, lifelong, authorized license to use photo images for multiple commercial use by the User in his/her projects with unlimited circulation in all countries.
Really great source for photos. You are free:
   * Remix to adapt the work.
   * Commercial to use this work for commercial purposes.
   * Without Attribution to use without attributing the original author.
Under the following conditions:
   * Stand alone basis You can not sell, license, sublicense, rent, transfer or distribute this image exactly as it is without alteration.
Use the images for whatever you want, personal, commercial or non-profit use for free
This license is issued only to the person or organization that downloads these images. This agreement may not be resold or reassigned, distribution and or resale of the archived compilation in part or whole is prohibited. These images may be used for any other commercial or personal use. is a unique website for free vectors. All vectors on this site are free to use for both commercial and personal projects. They can be used in anywhere you like such as websites, printable materials, etc. If you could provide a link back to this site, it would be great even though it's not a must.
Yes, you are free use these photos in artworks that will be sold.
Images are provided free of charge under a Creative Commons license (BY attribution) - on a royalty free basis and the condition that a credit (printed use) or a hyperlink (online use) is made to the site
Yes, you may use all our images for free of cost for personal or business use. You can make as many copies of our images.
Relaxed license, useful for commercial purposes, just check the license for specific terms.

Kavewall : textures mostly, attribution (creative commons BY)

Digital Dreamers : Just says royalty free - couldn't find a specific license

FreePhotosBank :require attribution

FreeDigitalPhotos : wow! high quality images, excellent for videos, they do request an attribution, unless you want to pay a little extra

Cepolina : Site request a link back

TurboPhoto : Stock images are in the public domain.

FreePhotosIndex : No license for the images, thus public domain

EveryStockPhoto :Basically a search engine for royalty free images. Good tool to have.

PixelPerfectDigital :Good for commercial usage in videos

FreeRange : Many photos, relaxed license, okay for commercial usage with some limitations

MayangFreeTextures : Many image textures, very relaxed license, good for commercial usage

FromOldBooks : This guy scans old books, most seem to be in the public domain due to their old age

BurningWell : Public Domain images, that means you can do whatever you want with the images, anything!

LightMatter : licensed for royalty-free use under a Creative Commons Attribution License

FreeImages : good selection of photos, Wish to be credited

GeekPhilosopher : completely free for personal and commercial use, they want a link though

Creativity103 : Licensed under a Creative Commons BY attribution