Paparazzi Photo Shoot Slide Styles

styles The Paparazzi Photo Shoot slide styles puts your photos in the spotlight. Watch as up to nine silhouetted photographers emerge from behind the scenes to quickly grab that perfect shot, then disappear back into the crowd. A truly glamorous set of Proshow slide styles.

Grabbing the Shot

Slide styles available for Proshow Producer 4 and above.

Compatible with aspect ratios of4x3 aspect ratio16x9 aspect ratio

Here's a just a few slide style example images. Check out the demo video for more!

Silhouetted Paparazzi Grabbing the Shot

Brief Description of the Proshow Slide Styles

This pack includes 5 different Proshow slide styles and a brief tutorial to get you started. There are styles for 1 photo, 2 photos, 3 photos, or 4 photos at a time, plus a title text style. Apply the slide style twice to make it loop for a longer segment.

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