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The PhotoStyles Adventure provides styles and templates made for Photodex's Proshow. These pre-built effects improve your workflow speed and efficiency as you design your video project.

Hi, Tim here - web guy, photographer, and Proshow slide style designer

Proshow really is an interesting piece of software. It's ease of use, built in features, and stunning shows really make it an exciting application to work with. I'm happy to share my creative designs with Proshow users. I'm compiling a bunch of different styles I've created over the past few years and offering them online. On this site you'll find high quality styles and templates for your shows whether your designing commercial videos, preserving family memories, or just having fun.

I've immersed myself into the world of photography, interacting and working with professionals and now focusing my attention towards weddings and senior portraits. This is not my full-time profession, but utilizes much of my free time. It's a lot of fun, and I'm learning so much. Combining Proshow slideshows with a photography business has excellent marketing applications. And with all the styles available, there's plenty of ways to dazzle your clients.

Thanks for the visit and happy proshowing!

To Your Success,